Dress Code


-All shirts must be approved golf shirts. New style round/crew neck golf shirts are acceptable.
-Collarless and/or sleeveless shirts or tee shirts are not considered acceptable.
-No jeans, denims or track suit bottoms.
-Recognised golf shoes must be worn. It is considered acceptable for juniors to wear trainers.
-Shorts must be tailored.
-Short sports socks are permitted.
-Peaked hats or caps must not be worn other than with the peak to the front, and must be removed before entering the Clubhouse.
-Items that should not be worn are football tops, rugby tops, track suits, sleeveless shirts for men, collarless t shirts, blue denim jeans, torn or studded jeans, torn trousers, sports shorts and brief fashion shorts.
-Ladies can wear sleeveless shirts with a collar and golf skirts which should be of an acceptable length.
-Trousers must not be worn tucked into socks (unless plus 2’s or plus 4’s)


Dress should be smart/casual throughout the Clubhouse. Proper dress, jacket, shirt and tie will be required on Captain’s Night and President’s Night for all males in attendance at the presentation evenings.

Examples of clothing styles ,which are not acceptable:
- Football related clothing, track/shell suits, wet, ripped or dirty clothing/waterproof.
- Golf shoes in the Clubhouse except locker rooms.